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Getting married in Prince Edward Island    

•    Gays and lesbians from other parts of the world can get married in Canada. We have no residency requirement. You cannot get married in Canada if you have a civil union in Vermont or Connecticut. You also cannot get married if you are already married elsewhere.

•    Different provinces have different rules and regulations. Be sure to check with local officials in Prince Edward Island.

•    Apply for your license at Vital Statistics. You can do this at any Access PEI Office. I can provide you with the phone number of each office.

•    Make sure you have the correct documents-- photo i.d., birth certificate or passport, proof of age, social security numbers.  If you have been married before, you must have the original divorce decree or proof of death.

•    There is no waiting period in Prince Edward Island.

•    There is a fee of $100 for your license.
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